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Self-timer operation and tripod mounting

Self-timer operation

The self-timer introduces a ten second delay between a press on the shutter release button and the actual exposure. This gives you just enough time to enter the picture and pose awkwardly. It is also sometimes called "the poor man's cable release"; when you need no exact control over when the picture is taken, it can indeed be used in the same way as a cable release, preventing camera shake. To use the function:

  1. Slide the self-timer switch away from the shutter release button. A red mark will appear.
  2. After focusing and metering on the main subject, close the eyepiece shutter.
  3. Press the shutter release button all the way down. During the ten-second countdown to the shutter releases, the self-timer LED blinks slowly for 8 seconds, then rapidly for 1 second, and remains on for the last second. For simultaneous audible beeping, set the main switch to "ON w/beep" position.

Tripod mounting

For maximum sharpness when exposure times are too long for hand-held photos, mount the camera on a tripod using the socket at the bottom of the camera. The optional Remote Cord RC-1000L or RC-1000S can be used to release the shutter without shaking the camera. You can also use the Wireless Controller IR-1N.


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