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This site is IN NO WAY associated or affiliated with Minolta. They own the copyright to their trademarks Minolta, Maxxum, Dynax, and possibly a few others. They also own the copyright to the text in the 9000 manual, and Minolta Japan have very generously given me their permission to use the text from it in some places on my site. I can't use the original pictures in the manual, as the copyright doesn't belong to Minolta, and thus they can't give their permission. However, I don't think their permission is extended to making PDF files, et cetera, and/or redistributing the content. Please don't.

Some things on this site do not belong to Minolta: Many texts are written entirely by me, although some with inspiration from others (see the page named "thanks").

All photos, scripts and the site design are copyright © 2001-2003 Magnus Wedberg.

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