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Rewinding and unloading film

Manual rewinding

  1. At the end of the roll, press the silvery rewind release button located at the bottom of the camera. If you don't, you may rip the film clean from the cartridge in the next step.
  2. Pull the metering selector up and move it to its rewind crank position. Wind film into the cartridge by rotating the crank clockwise until it turns freely with no resistance.
  3. Open the camera back by operating the back release lock while pulling the rewind crank. Then remove the film cartridge.

Motorized rewinding

The only alternative for motorized rewinding is to use the Motor Drive MD-90. The Auto Winder AW-90 can't rewind film, so you have to do it manually using the procedure described above even if you have the AW-90.

  1. While sliding the "Counter reset" button to the left, press the "Rewind" button.
  2. Release the buttons. The motor will now rewind the film in approximately 7 seconds for a film with 36 exposures. It will stop automatically when the film is rewound, leaving the film leader out.
  3. Open the camera back and remove the film cartridge.

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