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Remote controlling

The socket at the bottom right side of the camera (when looking at the front) is the cable release socket. It can be hidden by a sliding door. To use, just slide the door open and insert a cable release. Only Minolta-compatible electronic cable releases can be used. Traditional mechanical cable releases can not be used directly.

Remote Cord RC-1000L and RC-1000S

A remote cord should be used for long exposures (at "bulb" setting, for example) or anytime you want to release the shutter without shaking the camera. Autofocusing and metering are both activated by partially pressing the release button. Pressing and sliding the release button locks the shutter open for long exposures.
RC-1000L is 5 meters long; RC-1000S is 0.5m long.

Wireless Controller IR-1N Set

The Wireless Controller IR-1N Set permits cordless, remote-control photography from up to 60 meters away. For maximum versatility, the Motor Drive MD-90 can be attached to the camera for shooting remote-controlled sequences. Separate receivers can be used for controlling up to three cameras.


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RC-1000S, here shown slightly modified; a 3.5mm stereo jack and a plug has been added so the cord can be extended with a standard headphone extension cord.

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