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Matte screens

Besides the Minolta 9000's standard focusing matte screen, four additional Acute-Matte screens are available. Tweezers are supplied with each screen, enabling quick, simple user replacement. Both screens for the 9000 (focusing screen 90) and the 7000 (focusing screen 70) can be used, even if the G, L, S, and C screens for the 7000 lacks the spot metering circle. You can also use screens for the 7000i; they have the spot metering circle, but also an additional "wide focus" field that the 9000 lacks.

Focusing screen 90

  • Type G: This is the standard screen. Focus frame and spot-metering circle on matte field; for general photography.
  • Type L: Grid, focus frame, and spot-metering circle on matte field; for general and architectural photography.
  • Type S: Vertical and horizontal scales, focus frame, and spot-metering circle on matte field; for macro-, micro-, and astrophotography.
  • Type C: Focus frame and spot-metering circle on clear field.

Focusing screen 70

  • Type PM: Split-image/microprism/matte-field; autofocusing zone along split-image, spot-metering area same diameter as microprism circle.

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This matrix shows all 9000 matte screens.

Mounting index Bayonet mount Aperture stopdown pin Lens lock pin Lens release button Self timer LED Shutter speed up/down control DOF preview switch Lens contacts Aperture up/down control Focus mode switch Remote control terminal (covered) Matte screen Bottom contacts for accessories Battery compartment Rewind release Coupler for motorized film winding Coupler for motorized film rewind Handgrip PC socket Focus drive coupler Mirror Tripod socket Serial number Back release lock Lighting window Diopter adjustment dial Eyepiece shutter lever AEL button Accessory shoe Finder Film window Film advance lever On/off switch Multiple exposure button Strap eyelets Strap eyelets Strap eyelets Exposure mode selector Shutter release button Self timer switch Exposure adjustment button Frame counter Back release/ rewind crank / metering selector ISO adjustment button Film guide rails Film guide rails Back removal lever Take up spool Shutter curtains Film winding sprockets Accessory back contacts Back release latch Rewind prong DX contacts Back/top Front/bottom Film chamber Alphabetical