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About this site

This site is made and maintained by me, Magnus Wedberg, in my spare time. It has been scheduled for immediate release since 1995, and has been redesigned from the ground up a couple of times since then. Unfortunately, the site design has never been filled with content.

In 98 or so I gave up and released what was done then, namely the original 9000 manual, without pictures. That has been the only content on for a while.

In fall 2001, when I returned from a longer vacation, I found myself with lots of spare time -- I had finished all projects before I left and simply had nothing to do. The thought struck me: why not finish this project? After all, it was because of it that I registered the domain... and so, it was redesigned again (for the fifth time, I think) and this time it was actually finished. But in the summer of 2003 (I move slowly indeed).

My intention for this site is for it to work with Netscape 4 (this version is notoriously buggy, however) and above, Internet Explorer 5 and above, Opera 6 and above, Safari, and Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox. In addition to those, the text version does work with Lynx and earlier Netscape, IE and Opera versions. Others are untested, although it should work with pretty much anything in text mode. Somewhat uncommonly, the best performance and feature completeness comes from Opera 7+, with Mozilla as a distant second.

If you have questions, comments or even contributions to the site, contact me! I would be delighted to hear from you!

Best regards
Magnus Wedberg


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Mounting index Bayonet mount Aperture stopdown pin Lens lock pin Lens release button Self timer LED Shutter speed up/down control DOF preview switch Lens contacts Aperture up/down control Focus mode switch Remote control terminal (covered) Matte screen Bottom contacts for accessories Battery compartment Rewind release Coupler for motorized film winding Coupler for motorized film rewind Handgrip PC socket Focus drive coupler Mirror Tripod socket Serial number Back release lock Lighting window Diopter adjustment dial Eyepiece shutter lever AEL button Accessory shoe Finder Film window Film advance lever On/off switch Multiple exposure button Strap eyelets Strap eyelets Strap eyelets Exposure mode selector Shutter release button Self timer switch Exposure adjustment button Frame counter Back release/ rewind crank / metering selector ISO adjustment button Film guide rails Film guide rails Back removal lever Take up spool Shutter curtains Film winding sprockets Accessory back contacts Back release latch Rewind prong DX contacts Back/top Front/bottom Film chamber Alphabetical